Biosteel A/S in Denmark was founded in 2012 by Poul Erik Nielsen based on his more than 20 years of experience working as supplier of both components and complete solutions for the shipping industry, district heating sector, power plants, food industry and to the oil- and energy sector.


At the same time the manufacturing company Biosteel Sp. z o o was founded in Gdansk Poland to be manufacturer for the Danish part of Biosteel.


For the next 10 years the company developed to be a significant well-respected supplier of component and complete solution supplying worldwide.


In 2022 Poul Erik Nielsen sold his shares to continue as CEO in the Danish part of the company. And with the new owners a new growth strategy was implemented with more focus on being a turnkey supplier with high focus and continuously effort to comply to our mission “Biosteel want to contribute to the global transformation that ensures our next generations will have a good societal and environmental framework”.


Biosteel look forward to serving you as one of our future dedicated partners.