Code of conduct and CSR

Code of conduct and CSR

Biosteel's activities are based on the principles of good business ethics, respect for suppliers and orientation to customer needs. The responsibility for the company's good name applies to all employees. The guidelines set out in the Code are binding and should be followed by all employees and board members, regardless of the circumstances.

 The CSR strategy focuses on three areas:

Environment – to take care of the future generations' future through the sustainable development of the company, minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment.

As an example, the purchase of energy comes exclusively from renewable sources.


Company – improving employees' competencies, taking into account their ambitions and potential with respect for human rights and caring for work safety.

Society – developing ethical attitudes among our business community and the social partners.


Ecovadis. - Sustainability assessment of suppliers.


To ensure a continuously work being a sustainable company, Biosteel is partnering with EcoVadis.


EcoVadis operates an evidence-based online platform, providing supplier sustainability ratings and allowing companies to assess the ESG performance of their global suppliers. It considers a range of CSR issues, which are grouped into four themes: “Environment”, “Labor and Human Rights” and “Sustainable Procurement”.


Biosteel has received a Bronze medal for 2022.

Ecovadis bronze medal